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GSoC 2018 - Week 1 - Starting up

So the coding period started from 14 May 2018. So most of the days of the first week I spent was giving final exams and travelling. But now everything is over and I will be spending most of the time implementing what I have proposed for the first evaluations. I had a meeting with Amit during the community bonding period where we discussed :

  • Schedule and frequency of meetings.

  • How to proceed with implementing transolve, documenting and writing tests for it.

As of now I have looked few things:

  • How _tsolve works in solve.

  • How exponential and logarithmic equations are solved.

  • Filtering out the tests for the above.

  • Figuring out how the API would look like.

  • What will be the flow of transolve.

The last two points needs more discussions and planning. In the coming week I will try to figure it out by dicussing it with Amit and by the end I will try to make an initial commit to transolve.

Hope I execute the plan well!!

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